Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cat Avatar


I was doing some updating to Google+ and thought I should add some type of avatar for myself.  I don't have that many photos of myself so I went through some of the pictures I am going to upload.  The photo I picked was this one of a cat.  I don't own or look after this cat at all it is a stray that likes my garden.  My name for him is "Dirty Face" but that doesn't mean I don't like him though.

He is just one of three cats that like my garden.  They lay on the big stones, sunbath in the grass, and hide from the sun in the shrubs.  None of them like me at all though.  I try to feed them fish or milk, they run away.  I try to take their photos, they run away.  I talk to them, they run away, you get the idea.  I have gotten used to the idea that I can only look at them and smile.

Thank you for looking.