Saturday, November 24, 2012

Farmer's Market


Yesterday I walked to a little farmer's market in the area and had a great time.  As I was there I bought a few things that looked very good and fresh.  The red apples in the picture were from a nice old man in a stylish business suit.  The yellow apple was from a young man that came down from his apartment to sell some of his family's apples, I think.  I had more but I gave some to my elderly neighbor that I talk to regularly.  Lastly, the long onions from a little shop that sells mostly purses and backpacks for children.  They also gave me the mango looking fruit and a couple of mandarin oranges but I ate them.

After having the big haul of fruit and vegetables, I got a surprise this morning.  My elderly neighbor rang my doorbell and told me he had some daikon for me.  I was thinking he had one or two for me but he had gone to his farm and had two tons of them!  I ended up with seven big daikon with one in the refrigerator and he ended up with some of my apples.  He seems happy about the exchange and so was I.  He was so happy in fact that he gave me some more long onions as well.  I made onion fried rice with them because of how fresh they were.

Thank you for looking.