Monday, November 26, 2012

White Flower


This picture is one of the first with my new camera that I was actually happy with.  This was taken with a Sony A55 which is my first DSLR, before I only had two bridge digital cameras and one film point and shoot.  The film one was a challenge mostly because I was in high school and was using it for school.  I loved my two bridge camera, one a Fujifilm and the other a Nikon.  Both took pictures very well and easy to boot but I could use any filters for them realistically.  I have some photos from both to upload onto this blog.

Now it comes to my current camera the Sony.  When I first unpacked the camera I was overjoyed, in my mind it was my first "Real" camera.  I could control everything but it and then I could get the pictures that were in my head.  I took a bunch of photos right off the bat and was nervous to see them.  I think that first week I took about five hundred photos, I kept two, only because I felt I had to.  It was so nerve racking to see the pictures were so bad, at first I thought is was the lens but I knew it was me.

I have been working steadily toward getting better and this beautiful flower is one of the fruit of my labor.  The sharpness in the stamen and pollen itches my nose.  The white petals folding over on themselves makes me think of a blanket.  Even the little peek of green and purple background adds a little jab of color.  I am working hard everyday to get better and I hope you all love the results.

Thank you for looking.