Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Zenkoji Cat


This cat loves to be touched and to be in the way.  As you can see he loves to be touched and petted by anyone that passes by.  He loves it so much so that he lays down in the middle of the walkway so that people can see him.  I think he might be a stray but there is an elderly couple that looks after him.  He was sick for a little while so they took him to the hospital, but he is better now and getting in people's way.

This picture was taken in a warm summer day in Nagano, Japan.  Just a little bit south of Zenkoji temple at a place called Daimon or big gate.  I love to stroll in this area and take tons of photos of everything.   The grounds leading up to it are great, the shops are fun, and it has great atmosphere all around it.  I have many more photos of it so I will talk more about it later, to go with them.

Thank you for looking.