Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flower Sky


In spring I was in California visiting my parents and as always I was amazed by all the flowers.  In California you can see flowers all year round all over the place.  My mom has a yard that she loves to have all kinds of plants in it.  Orchids, roses, decorative grasses, fruit trees, vegetables, flowering plants, and just about anything unusual.  This plant is growing right near my old bedroom, so at night I used to smell the lovely scent they would give off.

This photo was taken then I was just getting used my Sony A55.  I was working so hard to learn how to use it that I was taking a bunch of photos of everything.  I was under the plant looking up to get the great light and color that was there at the time.  The pink and white of the flowers with the green of the leafs make a wonderful color foreground to the blue sky.  To me the little bit a cloud coming from the sky is breathtaking.

Thank you very much.