Thursday, January 24, 2013

Roadside Flower


I had an interesting thought today as I was walking around.  To some it up nicely is that I notice most people don't actually notice the world around them.  I always see people walking around with earphones on listening to something, in a loud car barely watching in front, or playing a handheld game.  I think that they are missing so much of the world around them and I thought of this picture of this flower right away.

Next to a busy street with cars passing at all times day and night was this flower.  I had watched a bunch of schoolkids run past it without even a glance in it's direction.  I stood next to it and saw how this beautiful flower was growing out of the asphalt to reach the sunlight like it's yellow center.  I took the picture and wondered if the flower knew how much I loved how hard it was working.

Thank you for reading.

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