Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Something Different Shed


I wanted to show a different type of picture today.  Mainly because I know I love to take pictures of flowers and nature but I take other photos as well but they don't come out most of the time.  I passed by this shed four times a day for a month and always thought it was interesting.  It wasn't my "Style" though so I didn't take it for a long time until I said one day "Screw it" and took the picture without a second thought after.

The wonderful rust is all I saw those days walking past it.  Then after I show the picture on the computer I noticed more and more of the different items in the frame.  Shredded white paper on the shoji screen in the shed.  Yes the rust but also the wear and aging on the wheelbarrow and the A-frames next to it.  I see inside the shed a little bit and imagine all the old wondrous items inside as well just waiting.

Thank you very much for reading.

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