Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tokyo Cranes


Growing up in a big city, vacationing in the country, then moving to a smaller city, I never loved the city much.  When I first came to Japan I didn't think I wanted to spend any time in Tokyo at all thinking it was the same as the rest.  I was wrong of course.  You can have a thousand year old temple with young people listening to  brand new iPhone 5's.  Right next to a modern restaurant serving tomato foam and freeze dried lettuce to elderly elites.   I only spent a little time there though but found it interesting none the less.

This picture was taken on my second time in Tokyo and I had a chance to walk around a little.  It was about fifteen minutes after the sun had set so I still had a little bit of light in the sky.  The blue sky with just a hint of the green flash and the moon is wonderful.  Big heavy motionless cranes add to the atmosphere that is Tokyo and the never ending pace it sets.  The color and setting was so brief that I think I only had a window of ne minute before the light was gone.  The picture came out great though.

Thank you very much.