Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hoppy Beer


This photo was very fun for me on so many levels.  I happened upon this when I was walking by basically a Japanese pub that is near the train station.  I have seen beer bottles outside of business before but today the light was right and the way the bottles where just looked right to me.  The box next to this one had green, clear, and a couple of these hoppy bottles in it but this one had only the one kind.

The standard brown beer bottle color even though this drink is actually non-alcoholic actually looks nice in this light.  1948 is when this wonderful white design first showed up in the world.  I even enjoy the scuff marks you can clearly see around the top and bottom parts of each bottle.  Nestled together in the orange crate helps to break up the scene a little bit so you don't get a sea of brown.  Also in a way it was a self-portrait.

Thank you very much for reading.