Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Brook Trout


I have been wanting to put this picture up for a little while now.  This picture was from one of my fishing trips with my father near Bishop, California in Rock Creek Lake.  I have been fishing for all my life and now it has become a true joy to fish not just to catch fish.  This little brook trout is a native which I love to catch.  I saw him and about three other males trying to catch the attention of a female on her nest.  These little, very smart native fish are so hard to catch that I am lucky to get one a trip, which is mostly my fault for not trying though.

For about thirty minutes I tried everything to catch this little one when finally a worm finally got him just right.  It was rare for me to get a native that I wanted a photo of him on the gravel.  Right before I put him back I thought that with my black net it would come out better, boy am I glad I did that.  The photo without the net you couldn't see him very well because the gravel and his skin was almost the same color.  The color spots on his side and the white lines on his fins showing the beginning of spawning jump right out. 

Thank you very much.