Friday, December 21, 2012

North Lake


I love to fish river and streams and most of the times not lakes as much.  I love to be able to walk upstream slowly, casting for fish, and enjoying the scenery.  This lake is one of the few that I enjoy, called North Lake near Bishop, California.  It is small when you think about lakes but I have seen some big fish come out of it before.  It has a swallow end with fish swimming around and a couple of feeder streams.  On the other end it's pretty deep with the outlet going out the side of the mountain.

Even though you can't see it this was taken during the turning leafs season, which I have many pictures of.  I saw many people taking pictures of the leafs but ignoring this beautiful scene right here with the great blue and the clouds.  I know the water isn't flat for the mirror effect but the colors are still there and you can still make out the reflecting light.  The dark center with the sun hiding behind it tells a great story of the coming sun.

Thank you very much for reading.

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