Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cat Peeking through Gate


I have talked before about the stray cats that hang around my house.  This is not "Dirty Face" like the last picture but this is "Short Tail" called because he has a stub for a tail.  I wonder what happened to him that his tail is so short, was he born that way or did he have an accident at some point. 

This picture happened when I came home from the store one day.  I had my camera like always and saw that he was sunning himself on the other side of my gate.  When he saw me though he shot up and looked straight at me and that's when I got this wonderful picture.

I love how it looks almost like he is posing for me to take the photo.  He eyes look straight at the camera and are in focus.  The foreground gate is interesting way to add blur to me.  His beautiful coat is wonderful to look at.

Thank you very much for reading.