Saturday, December 1, 2012

Autumn Stream


It is the end of the month so now is the time that I download, view, delete, and love the photos from the month.  I like to do it at the end of the month so that I can see the picture from the first of the month in a new light.  If the feeling and beauty is still there then I know that I did a good job with taking the photo.  It's interesting to me when I see a photo and think to myself; "I love it!" or "I have no idea what that is?"  Also which ones I thought I missed that came out perfectly and the ones I took fifty photos and deleted them all because I missed the scene.

When I took this picture I was on one of my "Getting Lost" walks.  This is when I walk to or from someplace I normally go but take a completely different route.  Sometimes I find some very interesting places that I would never see from my normal route.  Other times it is boring because all I see is office buildings and warehouses that all look the same.  I would tell you to try it if you have the courage and see a different side of your city.  It has to be said though that not once have I actually gotten lost.... yet.

The river in this picture is what really caught my eye.  As I walked closer to it I saw the bend in it and the fall color tree.  When I got out my camera I saw the stones in the river and the wall with the plants growing from the top.  Lastly I noticed that the road bends as well to go over the bend in the stream.  The mixture of nature, vintage concrete, and modern steel speaks of the age and also respect.

Thank you very much for looking.