Sunday, December 16, 2012



My love of plants and nature is not only for flowers and trees I also love cactus.  These lovely cactus live at Huntington Library in Pasadena California of which I used to be a member.  It is a wonderful place full of art and plants of all kinds but mostly it is very relaxing to be at.  I would say that if you have the chance to go not to miss it, you will not be disappointed in the least.

What I love most about this picture is that it seems to me that they are all straight out of a game.  I can see myself traveling through a red lava field area on a quest and all the sudden these guys pop up and attack me.  Their purple eyes following me and every step I take with their white bodies tensing to strike me.  Multiplying every time that I attack back against them until there are so many that I have to run away.  I think I play too many RPGs.

Thank you for reading.

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