Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yellow Flower Bee


This is so nice to me that I printed it out and now it is at the entrance of my house.  It was June and very hot but at least the flowers and bugs were out in force.  I happened upon this flower and thought it was pretty and well lit in the sun and took a couple of photos.  Just as I was going to walk away the bee came and landed right on the same flower not even caring I was there.  I took that she wanted her picture taken, so that is just what I did.

This almost all yellow picture amazes me that few do.  The yellow in the overlapping petals and pollen are the same tone so blend nicely together.  Then the black from both the bee and under the pollen pop out to focus your eye to them.  It's like they say watch me I am doing my job I love what I do.  I normally don't do anything for any of my pictures but for this one I turned it upside down.  It has more of an open fell rather then a sad look.

Thank you very much.