Sunday, December 9, 2012

Japanese Swallow on Yellow Wall


This was one of the sites that amazed me when I first moved to Japan, a swallow's nest close to or in an entrance to a house.  You can see the adults flying and catching insects with the hatchlings crying all summer long.  It was explained to me that if a swallow decides to have a nest in your house it brings good luck for you.  So because of this many people love them greatly and don't bother them in the least.  Most places only put something under the nests to catch any poop or anything that might fall so it doesn't get on storefronts and cars.

What my wife and I first noticed is the yellow wall that stands out in the old part of town.  The straw colored nest against it and you can see the love and care put into it by the adults.  The little hatchlings yellow-red beaks peeking out from the top of the nest.  I love the white in the adult's stomach in contrast to the black back and the accent of the rust brown neck.  A lovely picture that I am glad I had the privilege to take.

Thank you very much for reading.