Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sakura Blossoms


Now that winter is upon us I thought a little bit of spring would be nice.  In my mind that means flowers, rain, and green everywhere.  I was walking around this park in a very windy day this last spring with the blooming tree and plants all around me.  Even though it was windy these Sakura tree blossoms did not want to fall at all.  The spirit that they had to survive for at least one whole day in that cold, rainy, bleak day made me want to take as least a few photos.

Even though the sky in dark and not very colored you can still make out the colors in the blossoms.  The red centers with the white, soft pink petals and then the bark running though the whole thing brings many things to the scene.  I also enjoy the almost soft light effect that the overcast sky has on the whole picture as a whole. 

Thank you very much.