Monday, December 3, 2012

Fighting Mantis


These two praying mantis were in my front yard fighting last month.  I had seen them earlier in the day walking toward each other and didn't give it a second thought.  About three hours later I went back out and they had just gotten to each other and started to fight but I left them alone.  Another hour going by and I think that they might make a good picture so I go outside and they are still fighting on the sidewalk.  I took a few photos and decide that I didn't want them to get stepped on so I move them to my bushes.

The next day as I was taking out the trash I pass by where I put them and see they are still fighting but I leave them alone. Four hours after that I think that even more photos would be nice because I think praying mantis are interesting.  This is one of those pictures that I took the second day of their fight and they were going all out.  By the third day it was over the one with the back to you won and was eating the loser, and all I could think was that was one long fight.

This was an interesting picture to take because it looks like a lot of action is taking place, when the opposite is true.  It was slow and thought out each one of their moves to the maximum amount.  The green of the leafs and the shells of the mantis blend well together.  Even the spines of the mantis and the leafs like alike.  They didn't get scared of me and I was able to get very close and set up the scene and shot they way I wanted.  Very happy with the results.

Thank you very much.