Saturday, December 8, 2012

Spider Crab


I remember the day I took this picture very clearly.  My father and I had decided to go fishing on a boat that he went on all the time.  Very relaxing because it didn't leave the dock very early.  The weather that day was great for fishing, just a little bit of wind, lots of sunshine with no clouds at all but not that hot at all.  We had been fishing for a little while when the captain caught this spider crab.  When you are fishing you can always catch something interesting.

I didn't think it was anything to special because I have seen thousands of spider crabs before but I thought that I should take a photo none the less.  Something about how young it was but it still had a ton of stuff growing on it.  The yellow young sponges on it's head that almost blocks it's eyes.  Mud colored algae all over the whole body makes it look dirty when it is actually quite clean over all.  I have always loved their red claws though with the long skinny legs, the one thing I don't like about spider crabs is eating them.

Thank you very much.