Friday, December 14, 2012

Moth on Gate


As I was going through some of my photos for my blog today I saw this one. I instantly thought, 'Why not keep with the gate theme?' This one is from my gate as well and I thought would go well with the two cats pictures.  Almost the same story with this one as well, but I was leaving to go to the post office.  I had just closed the gate when I saw this moth and loved the look of it and that didn't seem to mind me at all. 

The grey fuzz from it's head and it's whole body scream for me to see it.  Weather-worn wood in the background but with a different texture I think helps give it a nice contrast.  I like the little claws are holding on to the wood so tightly but it doesn't move at all.  My little visitor was still there when I got home and stayed with us for about four days.  I enjoy moths so it was nice seeing it everyday.

Thank you very much for reading.