Thursday, December 13, 2012

Second Part of the Cat Picture


This is the second picture from what happened that day with "Short Tail".  I had taken a few photos at this point but needed to get into my house so I opened the gate expecting him to run away.  To my surprise he just walked a little bit away from me and laid down just like you see.  I thought maybe he liked his photo taken so a took a few more at this point as well.

This picture really shows you his great fur.  I have always loved the little tuffs of hair coming from cats' ears which you can see clearly here.  It was a hot and exhausting day and you can see this in his face and eyes.  You almost feels that he is going to go to sleep at any moment here.  I took one step past the gate and I guess that was too much and he walked away.

Thank you very much for reading.